Tuition Testimonials

 "Jon Hart's guitar lessons are first class, he's taught me so much since I started with him last year, I walked into his lesson clueless, I can now play over 10 songs, I'm using barre chords, scales & even making my own stuff.. He has an abundance of patience & knowledge, & has a great way of explaining things & making It easy to understand.."
David Webb - Private Lessons

Following the gift of a guitar for Christmas last year I decided it was time to get some training. I booked a term at Sutton music centre and nearly a year on am still attending and enjoying lessons. My training now consists of lessons at Sutton music centre and additional one to one lessons with the same teacher. Jons fun and song based training has not only kept my interest and enthusiasm but has equipped me with the ability to play guitar without everyone vacating the room.
Alan Perschky - Private & Sutton Music Centre Lessons

Jon Hart is a great teacher who really makes each lesson different and interesting. I never feel bored in a lesson as he varies each lesson content to fit to what I want to learn, however he always tries and ensures I understand the theory behind what I'm playing! He also always has time whenever I want to quiz him on anything music related, therefore I now feel much more confident with my knowledge of music in general, and not just guitar related"
Tom Whelan - Private Lessons

"Kristian has thoroughly enjoyed having group guitar lessons at Sutton Music Centre with Jon Hart. From lesson one, it has been great - just what was required, at just the right time. Jon is pleasant, encouaging, amazingly calm and has a professional approach. I would highly recommend Jon as a guitar teacher!"
Mrs J Evans - Mother of Kristian Evans - Sutton Music Centre Lessons

"The lessons are very interesting & useful and enabling me to improve on & work on new techniques. A valuable use of my time and I look forward to these lessons"
Carl Smith - Private Lessons

"Following a bad experience at a previous school, Alexander was ready to quit guitar. I managed to convince him to give it one more go and take up lessons with Jon Hart. After only one lesson, Alexander started coming home from school and picking up his guitar for endless practice! Jon has inspired him beyond my wildest hopes. Alexander prepares his guitar with great enthusiasm in the evening before his lesson is due and is constantly talking about what he is supposed to be learning next. Recently, he spent all his long and hard saved pocket money on a new full size guitar to replace the one he had outgrown; no more talk about spending it on computer or console games! I cannot praise enough how much of a difference Jon has made in Alexander's enjoyment of guitar!"
Carine French - Mother of Alex French - Wallington County Grammer School

My daughter has been learning guitar with John for over a year and I am delighted with her progress. She enjoys the lessons and can play lots of songs now. She comes home every week and proudly shows us what she has learned. She practices during the week without me having to prompt her, she even plays the songs that she wants to learn. She always goes to lessons with a big smile! John is patient and is clear in his instructions. We were pleasantly surprised at last year's concert when John sang; not only is he a brilliant guitarist but also an excellent singer. Thank you for making guitar learning so inspiring for my daughter!
Elodie Camiah (Tessa's mum - sutton music centre)

"Iain has been having bass lessons for about a year and has progressed well. Jon is a very patient tutor and sets tasks at the right level. Iain enjoys his lessons"
Iain Colquhoun - Carshalton Boys Sports College

"Mr Hart is a really great teacher (the best I've had). He really makes my guitar lessons fun and interesting. Also the exercises we do are always fun. He is very patient in what we teach and if I ever get stuck or don't understand something then he will go over it with me and make sure that I understand. That is why he is such an amazing guitar teacher"
Edward Buckland - Wallington County Grammar School

Leon loves his weekly lesson and really looks forward to wednesdays because of the lesson . He feels that he has improved so much and is very keen to continue to improve. He feels that you are firm but fair and always encouraging . He likes the type of music you teach him and he wants to continue with the lessons as long as he can.
Mrs Griffiths - Mother of Leon Griffiths - Wallington County Grammer School

"Tom thoroughly enjoys his guitar lessons, we are very pleased with his progress and it is a pleasure listening to him practice. It is a joy to know he will carry it through the rest of his life. Thankyou for being such a good teacher"
Bernice Fuller - Mother of Tom Fuller - Wallington County Grammer School

"Jon is very easy to understand, doesn't get stroppy when we get it wrong and he is a really good teacher. He has taught me from absolute beginner and I am now doing my grade 1."
Matt Hilton (age 11) - Sutton Music Centre

"My daughter is progressing very fast and thouroughly enjoys his lessons. he is a very bubbly man and always cracking a few jokes here and there! he is also a very inspirational man to the class as he plays guitar in a band himself."
Isla Reid - Sutton Music Centre Lessons

"Excellent music Teacher & Brilliant Musician”
Richard Carter