Stand out performances dripping with atmosphere”

— Acoustic Magazine

UK fingerstyle singer-songwriter Jon Hart blends modern percussive fingerstyle guitar with emotive/gritty vocals and songwriting to create an immersive one-man acoustic experience. Although his technical abilities could be compared to the likes of Jon Gomm and Newton Faulkner, he offers something distinctive in this small pool of virtuoso acoustic guitarist-singers. The sole purpose for all Jon's compositions and arrangements is to emulate them live. He does this with just one acoustic guitar and sometimes a vocal harmony pedal, without the use of a loop pedal.  

Jon and his catalogue have received critical acclaim (Acoustic Magazine (UK), Guitar World, The Times, BBC Radio Folk, Absolute Radio & CandyRat Records) from across the acoustic guitar world. These include his debut album ‘Reborn’ (2015 - co-produced by Chris Woods Groove), fingerstyle-folk album 'Set Adrift' (2017 - with Daryl Kellie and mastered by grammy-award winning Stacy Parish), a solo guitar calendar concept album ‘Annual’ * (2019 - featuring grammy-award winning guitarist Amrit Sond), a live best of so far album ‘Live in Italy’ * (2020) as well as three EPs: ‘Defuse’ (2012), ‘Sticks & Stones’ (2013) and ‘Momento’ * (2016). He has toured throughout the UK and Europe with performances at Isle of Wight Festival, London Acoustic Guitar Show, The Turner Sims Concert Hall and Ullapool Guitar Festival where he co-headlined with fingerstyle legend Preston Reed

* Produced by fingerstyle / classical guitarist Declan Zapala. 

Growing up on the Isle of Wight, Jon was musical from an early age; starting on the piano age five, and then moving on to guitar and singing at eight. Before he found his acoustic calling, he fronted many bands, touring America with hard rock band Zhain and supporting Orbital and Gin Wigmore with Drum’n’Bass Rock outfit Opinaut. After completing his BA Hons in Music from Southampton University (2003-06), he has now built up strong foundations in Surrey with multi-award-winning functions, in-demand guitar tuition & highly recommended session work. External to music making Jon’s most recent project was an e-book entitled “An Introduction to Modern Fingerstyle Guitar and Singing”.  

Between 2016-present Jon set up three UK tours with world class fingerstyle guitarists Daryl Kellie (2016 & 2017), Maneli Jamal (2017) and Billy Watman (2019). Jon quickly adapted to the disastrous current-situation and set up an online festival via the Fingerstyle Hub Facebook Group (run by Tommy Loose). He invited 14 world class guitarists to perform and has replicated this event every other weekend since lockdown began in the UK. This online festival has become a raging success amongst viewers and all involved - Acoustic Guitar Magazine (US) recently posted an article about live streaming featuring the festival and Jon and Tommy’s entrepreneurial methods. Jon now runs the Fingerstyle Hub along with Tommy and they are currently planning the future of these festivals. 

Between 2018-2020 separate from major releases, Jon released multiple original and cover singles online. His cover of ‘Under the Bridge’ with one of Spotify’s top streaming artists Lance Allen was a mellow guitar single which increased Jon’s Spotify numbers substantially within a month (from 40K to 140K). In-between albums Jon plans to bring out more of these singles to continue to build on these numbers, increasing his international fanbase which will help transition his career online to give him the time and space to carve out more compositions and arrangements. To watch / hear more visit Jon's YouTube & Spotify pages.

Raises the bar to impressive heights”

— David Sinclair – Rock and Pop Critic for The Times

Double page article from Acoustic Magazine UK

Double page article from Acoustic Magazine UK

Jon endorses ToneWood Amp, Ortega Guitars, Cole Clark Guitars, Elixir Strings, G7th Capo & TC Helicon

Jon endorses ToneWood Amp, Ortega Guitars, Cole Clark Guitars, Elixir Strings, G7th Capo & TC Helicon

A masterful guitar player”

— Guitar World


— Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk, BBC