'Neurodivergent' is Jon's upcoming 6th album (which drops in 2024) and self-titled first single. These new tracks were born out of a mental health crisis in late 2021 and then being told ADHD and ASD were possibilities during a psychiatric assessment. I already have dyslexia and didn’t know much about the other conditions. In 2022, I went through a process of awareness, education, conversion, and acceptance and finally received official diagnoses of ADHD and ASD in 2023.

My goal for this album is to spread awareness and build a safe space for all neurodivergents to be able to unmask and be themselves in this neurotypical world. Featuring tracks such as 'Neurodivergent' (Identity/RSD), 'Rivers of Gold' (Impulsivity), '5 Stages' (Grief) and 'Fight or Flight' (Anxiety/Burnout), and Authenticity (Unmasking)


press QUOTES

“Jon Hart’s signature fingerstyle technique brilliantly captures the myriad of emotions woven into Neurodivergent. His heartfelt vocals, intertwined with the mesmerizing guitar work, create a poignant ambience…Listen To Monger

"Jon delivers a phenomenal song, proving once again that music is one of the best forms of manifestation. With the title “Neurodivergent”, the track follows an entirely acoustic and vocal process, which will leave the reader with their mouths open…" Roadie Music

"Neurodivergent is Hart's enthralling new single which undulates, ripples and thrums with a bluesy groove  … while his vocals call out earthily from the woodlands like a call to worship at a solstice celebration…"  Right Chord Music

"Neurodivergent by Jon Hart is a touching, authentic and necessary song, as it highlights a current issue. Jon Hart's newest single is available on all major music streaming platforms. Don't waste time, check out a special song now…" Music For All



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