TRACK LISTING (Meaning behind track)

1. Neurodivergent (Overview of journey)

2. Rivers of Gold (Impulsivity)

3. Awareness Game (Support & Stigma)

4. World’s Aligned (Adapting to Neurotypical world)

5. The Hive (Executive Function)

6. Murmuration (Emotional Dysregulation)

7. Lost at Sea (Undiagnosed and Unmanaged)

8. 5 Stages (Grief)

9. Reassurance (Self Care)

10. 8 Years (Coping Mechanisms)

11. Authenticity (Unmasking)

12. Being (Identity)



Neurodivergent is a deeply personal journey through the labyrinth of late diagnosis with ADHD and Autism. For Jon, the realisation came after a tumultuous mental health crisis, a journey reflected in the album's narrative. It's an odyssey where I confront the shadows of despair, battling a formidable beast until my true form is revealed in the light of self-awareness. 

This album is more than just a collection of songs; it's a testament to resilience, introspection, and the transformative power of acceptance. It's been three years in the making, each note and lyric a cathartic release, a beacon guiding me back to myself.

But Neurodivergent isn't just my story—it's a lifeline for every neurodivergent soul navigating their path to authenticity. May these melodies and words serve as a reminder that you are not alone, that your journey is valid, and that there is beauty in embracing your true self, scars and all. Together, let us celebrate our neurodivergent brilliance, for it is in our uniqueness that we find our greatest strength.

Jon's Neurodiversity Statement:

At the heart of Neurodivergent lies a celebration of neurodiversity—a recognition of the beautiful tapestry of minds that enrich our world. Neurodiversity is not merely a concept; it's a fundamental truth that each of us possesses a unique neurological makeup, shaping the way we perceive and interact with the world.

This album is a testament to the power of embracing neurodiversity within ourselves and society. It acknowledges that neurodivergent individuals, like myself, often navigate a world not designed with our neurology in mind. Yet, it is within our differences that we find our greatest strengths, our most innovative ideas, and our deepest connections.

Let us move beyond mere tolerance to true acceptance and appreciation of neurodiversity. May Neurodivergent catalyse conversations, understanding, and inclusivity—a reminder that diversity of thought is not only valuable but essential for a vibrant, thriving society.



“Jon Hart’s signature fingerstyle technique brilliantly captures the myriad of emotions woven into Neurodivergent. His heartfelt vocals, intertwined with the mesmerising guitar work, create a poignant ambience…” Listen To Monger