Immerse yourself in the captivating music of Jon Hart, an award-winning fingerstyle singer-songwriter from Surrey, UK. With 5 albums  under his belt, Jon's music has garnered over 3 million streams on Spotify. His talent has been recognised by Acoustic Magazine and BBC Folk Radio. He's also toured the UK, Europe and the US and plans to branch out more. Join him on his journey as he works on an array of music projects from his 6th album to mentorship and podcasting.

Neurodivergent Musician

Discover Jon's perspective as a neurodivergent musician. Tune into his inspiring podcast, The Neurodivergent Musician where he explores the intersection of musicianship and neurodiversity. Stay tuned for his upcoming 6th album, aptly titled Neurodivergent. Jon's insightful articles have been featured by Musicians Union and PRS, shedding light on his up and down experiences as a neurodivergent musician along with spreading awareness worldwide.


Unlock your full potential as a guitarist and vocalist with Jon's personalised approach. Join his exclusive mentorship, meticulously crafted for experienced and dedicated students like yourself, seeking to take your musical abilities to new heights. Embark on your journey to fingerstyle guitar and singing by booking a free discovery session with Jon. Benefit from his expertise as he guides you all the way!


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