Fingerstyle Testimonials

 "This is a beautifully performed and recorded track. Hart's tumbling, twinkling acoustic guitar part runs through the song like a waterfall, while he sings of love and spiritual renewal in a firm, high voice: "I saw a brand new life...I was so surprised." There are gossamer-fine vocal harmonies swirling around the mix and the melody is broken up by a succession of bewitching instrumental interludes as bass strings are thwacked, and glistening harmonics ring out from the upper register. The world is not short of singers accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar, but this track raises the bar to impressive heights."
David Sinclair - Rock & Pop critic at The Times in London - Review for Stormy Weather Rolls

Review for Stormy Weather Rolls: "A terrifically accomplished musician - a very, very interesting track."
Pete Donaldson - Absolute Radio DJ - Review for Stormy Weather Rolls

Nice licks dude

"Sounds great Jon"
CandyRat Records (Home of Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Jon Gomm and many more)

"We’ve got another rogue band member to feature in this week’s reviews too, as Opinaut’s Jon Hart has made quite an impression on us with his latest solo efforts. There is some distance between the experimental electronic rock of the four-piece however, as Jon leaves the bright laser beams of d n’ b behind him in favour of ambient acoustics and a deeper insight into his abilities as a singer-songwriter. Rather than the likes of Pendulum seeming influential to the sound, this individual work is more reminiscent of the artists like Fink- powerful, yet stripped back guitar bolstering an emotionally charged vocal. ‘Stormy Weather Rolls’ suggests such a confident grasp of an acoustic approach that there is room for experimental embellishments including intelligent use of percussion and some proper tasty harmonisation."
Unsigned Band Review / Emerging Icons - Review for Stormy Weather Rolls

"Just as we’ve come to discover the awesome cosmic power of Jon Hart’s tunes, he just so happens to be playing a date in a jewel of the acoustic scene’s crown- The Regal Room. That’s worked out tremendously well, hasn’t it? Showcasing latest EP ‘Defuse’, he will be demonstrating his abilities as a guitarist in a predominantly instrumental show. However, Emerging Icons would happily be down at the front squealing like excited piglets as soon as ‘Stormy Weather Rolls’- if it weren’t for the fact it’d probably destroy our rep as well as the whole damn atmosphere of the gig. Being the intriguing and insightful musician he is, we’re convinced that the Opinaut frontman’s solo show is going to be a performance that’s as gorgeous and captivating as it is impressive."
Unsigned Band Review / Emerging Icons on Jon Hart playing at The Regal Room: Hammersmith, London

"Love love love Stormy Weather Rolls....Cool new video too!!"
James Gaster, FeedMe Music

Kate Brown, The Boxettes

"Really outrageous stuff there!"
Jon Gingell, The Fontanelles