Building on the success of Jon's Guitar Arranging Bootcamp from 2020-21, the Guitar Composing Bootcamp is tailored for experienced beginners and intermediates. This program is designed to harness your existing technique and theory, guiding you in crafting a unique guitar composition through a layered approach, drawing on memories, and fostering a supportive community for cohesion. Unlike previous bootcamps, Jon has extended this to a comprehensive 10-week program, providing ample time for learning, implementation, and the creation of your 1.0 guitar composition. While learning technique, theory, and songs is valuable, your unique S.P.I.C.E.S (Your Sound, Purpose, Identity, which create Consistency, Excitement and Success) are the cornerstone of achieving greatness in your musical journey.

Who Is This For?

Ideally suited for experienced beginners and intermediates, though newcomers and advanced players are welcome to join for learning or a refresher.

How Will It Be Structured?

Round 1 (5 weeks): Focuses on generating and refining ideas for your composition. 

  • Week 1 - Introduction / Preparation
  • Week 2 - The Canvas / Recipe
  • Week 3 - Top Layer / High strings
  • Week 4 - Bottom Layer / Low strings
  • Week 5 - Middle Layer / Middle strings


Round 2 (5 weeks): Guides you in shaping and finalising your 1.0 guitar composition. 

  • Week 6 - The Ideas Factory
  • Week 7 - Structuring Your Piece
  • Week 8 - Shaping Your Piece
  • Week 9 - Upgrading Your Piece
  • Week 10 - Finalising Your Piece


Each Zoom session will include a dedicated 10-15 minutes for Q&A. Additionally, the Facebook community will be available for any questions, reflections, opportunities to showcase progress, and potential collaborations.

When Does It Start?

The bootcamp kicks off on January 11th and concludes on March 1st. Zoom sessions will be held every Thursday evening at 6pm (UK), with replays available in a private Facebook group for convenient viewing. This group will also serve as a platform for sharing, discussing, and submitting homework.

what do you need?

All you require is a guitar (preferably with fresh strings), a tuner, a capo (optional), and a device (smart phone, tablet and computer) for transcribing your work and accessing PDF resources. In terms of knowledge, we'll be utilising what you already know, and you'll have the opportunity to explore a few open tunings.


To ensure an enriching experience, Jon is capping this inaugural bootcamp at 10 participants. He's seeking dedicated and committed guitarists who are eager to embrace the creative process. £100 for a 10-week programme is an absolute steal for what you get. There has already been significant interest, so secure your spot below promptly if you're keen. See you on the inside!



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